Ms. Leonard rightly calls the citizens of Oberlin "tolerant and open minded" - certainly more tolerant and open minded than the Grassroots Rally Team of Painesville.


Ms. Leonard made the following completely unsubstantiated sweeping generalizations:

  1. Oberlin will experience an influx of illegal aliens.
  2. Housing will be stressed.
  3. Schools will be stressed.
  4. *Local health care will be stressed.
  5. Oberlin will lose federal funding.
  6. *Oberlin will be violating federal law.
  7. Oberlin College will lose enrollment.
  8. *There will be an increase in crime.

* - Besides being unsubstantiated, these claims are demonstrably false.  See the main page of this website.


Since Ms. Leonard cannot produce data to support her claims, she has resorted to scare tactics.