Reason #5: Who ever guaranteed that life is fair?  I dare say that if these same legal immigrants were in dire poverty, oppressed by their governments, and were instead denied entry but had an easy way to get in, then they would be here illegally, too.


Reason #4: This argument assumes that all illegal immigrants pay no taxes.  That has not been demonstrated here, and has to be at least partially false since they, like everyone else, have to pay sales taxes.


Reason #3: This argument fails to demonstrate that rates of recidivism, felony conviction, and drug offense are any different for illegal immigrants than they are for American citizens.  By the way, the article says that 55,000 illegal immigrants were incarcerated in federal, state, and local facilities in 2005.  A Department of Justice report puts the total number incarcerated in 2005 at 2,320,634, making illegal immigrants under represented at 2.37%.


Reason #2: This argument cites two anecdotal comments about Los Angeles

that do not prove that police there or anywhere else are disproportionately endangered by illegal immigrants.


Reason #1: This argument assumes that our immigration laws are flawless and that local officials are required to enforce immigration laws.  Both of these assumptions are false.  There are many areas in which are laws and lawmakers - in examples such as legal torture, discrimination, and genocide - have been and still are worthy of contempt.