The logic presented in this article is laughable.  And this guy is in congress?


"Congressman King calculates that the number of persons in the U. S. killed by criminal aliens in 2004 was 4,518. He reached this conclusion by multiplying 28 percent times the total number of murders in the U. S. in 2004."  By the same logic, we could say that, because 10% (a number I made up, but it must be some percentage) of the illegal immigrants are in prison because of immigration violations, 14,000 of the American citizens held in federal prisons are illegal immigrants!  There is no legitimate short-cut here.  If you want to know the number of illegal immigrants who killed people, you have to count them.  You cannot simply use the incarceration rate of illegal immigrants, since it is likely skewed by their unusually high arrest rate for - you guessed it - illegal immigration.  The article also erroneously assumes that everyone who killed someone is in prison, and that the effect of incarceration is not cumulative.


Even if the numbers presented in the article are accurate, I am three times more likely to be killed by an American citizen than by an illegal immigrant.  What are we going to do about THAT problem, deport all of the citizens?


(By the way, the GAO report of 28% illegal aliens in prison is not cited, and therefore cannot be verified.)